Saturday, 30 April 2011

Don't do that there!

The other day I stacked trying a backside noseblunt at Emersons Green. I went tumbling down the transition whilst my board flew off somewhere over the top of the platform. Unfortunately the board had zipped into some kiddies shin! This is something that has happened to all skaters who skate ramps or parks at sometime or other, it's painful, really painful and makes you swear and jump around. But you soon learn to keep well back from copings and always watch someone who is approaching one, especially if high velocity is involved. You might even take the precaution of standing with your board guarding your shins, I do.
Anyway, I got up and asked the kid if he was alright, and he had a right pop at me telling me not to do tricks where he was standing! Well, that's never happened to me before. Being told by another skater not to skate parts of a skatepark because someone is standing close to it. Wow, and I thought that was the one place on this planet where I could skate, without being chased away by security, or scolded by pedestrians. Just goes to show how wrong you can be.

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